Sharing The Wisdom Of God

The desire to Share God’s Wisdom leads to some interesting finds, surprises, and great treasures. Recently, I found such a treasure, surprise, and great find at a Dollar General. A book by Day Spring… “Everyday Faith”.  Subtitle: “Find Faith & Encouragement For Today”. While every page is goal mine of finding and living your faith in Christ. This one article has me checking it out almost daily.

The article is entitled “For Anyone Who Thinks their Failing” and under the sub-title “Summer Manifest” I found these jewels:

Today, I refuse to be held back, worked up, or shoved ahead. I am committed to God’s agenda, God’s purposes, and ask for God’s peace so I can pursue God’s glory.

I abstain from useless brooding, worrisome thinking, frantic pushing, or jittery striving. I want the mind of Christ, not the mind of chaos.

I yearn to make choices every day that honor His plans for my life, rather than stubbornly sticking to my hour-by-hour plans. I hereby sentence my inner control freak to life in prison, with no parole. That way, I can truly be free.

I will need His strength to do this.

So I come to my Lord weak. And in this weakness,  I know that I can Borrow His strength. I understand that the strength He gives was costly for Him, but free for me, bought at the cross. But He didn’t stop with the gift of his strength. He also purchased with His blood the following: forgiveness, grace, hope, and forever love. All of the above are renewable resources, available each day to ANYONE in need. Which is pretty much all of us.

I believe in strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. I am confident that–based on God’s unbroken promises since the beginning of time–He will provide both.

Today, I stand on these promises.

I’m counting on the Lord Jesus  Christ to come through. I’m counting on Him alone to keep me moving forward. I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, instead of diverting my focus on the following distractions: my circumstances, my problems, my agenda, or my own good works.

And no matter what my to-do list tries to tell me, I refuse to believe that  I am failing at Summer 2021. Because I submit myself to Jesus–for His great purposes, and for His great glory.



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