Some of my Own Thoughts

I have been ask to write about things I try my best to live by. 

I believe Everything is a Blessing. And I do mean everything.

Split milk, lost keys, and more. Everything I do, I thank the Lord

and I tell Him,  He did a great job, made a great sandwich, choice a

great product,  place to eat, and so on…

Mother Teresa, “I am a little pencil in the hand of writing, God

who is sending a love letter to the world.”

A quote I heard recently while listening to EWTN, “The body depends

on the soul… and the soul depends on God.” And most of us have 

heard when the soul leaves the body, the body is dead.

I truly believe we are instruments of God or the devil. Therefore all

our good actions are actions of God using us to do good or the devil 

performing badly through us.

You never hear the lawnmower mowed the grass. As the lawnmower is

an instrument, we, the instruments of god are blessed to use. In reality

God through us mowed the grass, for only by the Grace of God are we

able to mow the lawn.

Mother Teresa says, “Let us offer everything to Jesus–every

sorrow, humiliation, discomfort. In this way, you too can take 

your stand at the foot of the cross with Mary, our  Mother.”

Again from Mother Teresa, “Mary allowed God to take possession

of her purity, humility, and her faithful love. She did it so beautifully.

Let us seek to grow under the guidance of Our Heavenly Mother, in

these three important interior attitudes of the soul that delight  the

heart of God and enable Him to unite Himself to Us.”

Wisdom and kindness go together, and speaking sweetly helps others

learn. Proverbs 16: 21 

From Bishop Fulton Sheen, ” The examination of the conscience never 

induces despair, always hope. Some psychologist, by proper use of their

method, has brought mental peace to individuals, but only because they

have found a safety valve from mental pressure. They have let off steam,

but they have not repaired the boiler. That is the business of the Church.”

A counselor proposes God disposes of.  Proverbs 19: 21

More from Bishop Sheen, ” In the examination of conscience a person

concentrates less on his own sins than on the mercy of God– as the

wounded concentrate less on the wounds than on the power of the physician 

who binds and heals the wounds.

As an empty pantry drives the housewife to the bakery, the empty soul is driven

to the Bread of Life.”

Turn to me when I speak to you. Listen! I will speak my mind and explain my words

to you. Proverbs 1: 23

I find life to be much more joyful and peaceful when I acknowledge God as my constant companion. Thank Him for everything and if something does not go as I planned  I

always acknowledge God had a better plan. When doing this I experience a Peace be-

yond all understanding. 

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