The Happenings of The Summer of 2021

It has been too long since I last published a blog, so there is some catching up to do, beginning with hernia surgery on, Monday, June 21st. Teresa provided my ride to Medical City Alliance.

We had a very peaceful trip with no backups. We prayed the rosary on the way arriving just after 7:30 A.M. Although we arrived early, there was no waiting time. As Teresa walked past the waiting room on the outside of the building, I was being called.

Preparation for the surgery, the surgery, and recovery followed. I have no idea of the time when I woke up in the recovery room, but I think it was after 2 P.M. when Cecilia and A. J. picked me up. From there, 3101 N. Tarrant Pkwy, Ft. Worth, TX,  we traveled to Grapevine, TX. to pick up my things. On the way, it begins to rain, and then rain continued as Cecilia loaded what I was taking.

After a brief stop at Walmart to pick up a prescription, we continued to my sister’s house in Mesquite, TX. There were met by my brother-in-law, Ronnie Fletcher. Ronnie helped Ceilia unload. 

That night some pain set in the abdomen making it uncomfortable to get out of bed and get dressed. The pain pills took the edge off and movement was not prohibited.

I have been able to attend Daily Mass at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Parish, located just six-tenths of a mile from my sister’s home. 

December 2, 2001 – Our Catholic community of faith began in Mesquite when Rev. Ernie Torres celebrated the opening Mass at the lobby of an old bank building. At that time, Mesquite, Texas was the largest city in the state without a Catholic Church.

Early 2002 – the parish began occupying its temporary facility at the Northridge Shopping Center at 1819 N. Galloway Avenue in Mesquite.

June 8, 2002 – Most Rev. Charles Grahmann, Bishop of Dallas, officially established the parish of the Divine Mercy of Our Lord in Mesquite.

December 3, 2005 – Groundbreaking ceremony for the first building of the parish.

January 6, 2007 – Blessing of the first Catholic Church in Mesquite at 1585 E. Cartwright Rd.

As the Parish celebrates its 20th anniversary, Rev. Earnie Torres S. J. is still the Pastor. Ernie once told the people at masses that the greatest experience he ever had in the building of the Mesquite Catholic Church was the great desire and cooperation of the people. Everybody wanted this Church to be finished and they were willing to pay the financial price for it too. Hundreds of families had pledged towards the building cost through our Building in Faith campaign and were making actual contributions to that in addition to their Regular Sunday Tithing. 

In the bulletin, each of the nine Masses is listed with their attendance. On Father’s Day, a total of 2144 attended. At the four English Masses, the attendance was 584. At the five Spanish Masses, the attendance was 1560.

The present sanctuary sets around 700.  The Church, when built, will seat 1200 and the present building will be the Parish Hall. It has a kitchen and space to gather for a meal or to sell items.

At present they are raising funds for a faith Formation Building, that will have ten classrooms in it. 

On Sunday, after attending the 10 A. M. Mass and eating at Chili’s, we journeyed to Grapevine, Texas to pick up my car. The battery on the car was dead. After purchasing jumper cables at Walmart, we tried unsuccessfully to start the car.

After some time, I called Cecilia. She was not home and was unable to help. A bit later, we had decided to leave the car for later in the week. As we were leaving, Cecila called my sister and told her she had found a mechanic that would help. He came over and was able to boost off the car and back to Mesquite we went. That is the third time that battery has been resurrected.

Always be open. Never lose hope or feel defeated. Keep the faith. Stay positive. There are angles everywhere. Do not cut them off. Be open and allow them to come in. Blessings abound if we are open to receiving them. A good segway is Thank You Lord and Lord, I need a miracle.

I am very muchly still in recovery. My post-op appointment is on July 7th at 2:45 P.M. in N. Richland Hills. See some of you then.

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