Together We Can Change The World

Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” So what would you like to see? A world with more opportunities and less poverty. I saw a sticker on a Catholic Charites’ vehicle that said, “A world without poverty.” Would you agree that would be great?

I think all of us would agree that the pandemic has made the need for addressing poverty a lot more urgent.

Would you and people you know be open to a program that would provide you and those you share it with an income?

At some point provide a place where those in need could come and be trained to get this income. And they would be able to train others.

It will take a small army to make a difference, but everyone that joined would further the cause greatly. The circle of influence would widen, providing more and more people working to end poverty, hunger, homelessness, and all the iniquities that go with poverty.

Once a program was providing the poor an income, there would be donations to build housing and provide accessibility to the necessities of life.

Mother Teresa wrote in her diary about seeing this mother with children that needed food. So when the food truck came in, she filled a bag with some food items and delivered it to the mother. The mother meticulously took every item out of the bag, and then put a few items back in and left. When she returned and started preparing a meal for her children, she said to Mother Teresa, they needed food too.

There is a program already in place that can provide you and those you share it with a great income for you and those you share it with… This program can be found at

Love is wishing and working for the best for others. Mother Teresa tells us to recognize Christ

when once again He appears to us in the hungry man, in the lonely woman, in the child who is looking for a warm place.  Be instruments of love in the hands of God.

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