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Where would you go? So many places. Maybe you would take a trip to see the World’s Smallest Active Catholic Church

There is more to the story of this tiny church! The painting reproduction hanging behind the altar, depicting St. Martin of Tours, takes the place of the original painting which hung there until 2002.

In that year, the painting was rediscovered as the work of Johann Ignaz Berger, a prolific Czech ecclesiastical painter of the 19th century. The piece was one of a group of paintings brought by Czech immigrants in the late 1800s to hang in their new church in Fayetteville, St. John the Baptist.

The paintings were stored and forgotten when the old church was torn down and rebuilt in the 1960s. All seven have been recovered, restored, and re-framed and now hang once again in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. The original frames are displayed in the back room of the Fayetteville Area Museum, on the central town square, which is in itself worth a visit.

[Lalena Fisher, 04/20/2007]

World's Smallest Catholic Church

World’s Smallest Catholic Church

Here’s another entry for the World’s Smallest Church fray. This church, the historical St. Martins, is located between the towns of Round Top and Warrenton in central Texas. I am not certain how the church holds mass, but believe they do so regularly.

At one time this church spaned 38 by 68 feet when built-in 1888. What happened to this incredibly shrinking church. In 1915, the pastor dismantled the church and used the lumber to build a parochial school in nearby Fayetteville. Enough lumber was left over to put up this quaint roadside attraction. Mass is said monthly for intention left on the altar. 

Here is an interior view.

[Chris, 11/11/2001]

Note — for those concerned with distortions of scale, that’s a normal-sized child in the photos, not an adult.

You can learn about this church and the area by going to

To visit: 3490 S. Highway 237, Fayetteville,TX 78940. (979) 378 2277. When you go to the website, click on Parish Information and scroll down to Saint Martin’s.

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