Why Your Business Needs a Firm Foundation

So, What Am I Promoting? Programs to alleviate poverty… The funds raised will go to help those in poverty. TEAM Hope Ministry (THM) is here to reduce the long lines needing help putting food on the table, paying the rent or the mortgage, making their car payment, paying for utilities, and just living and enjoying life.

I like to say THM is all about alleviating poverty: Yours, Mine, Theirs… THM is not raising funds by asking for donations from already cash-starved people and just giving someone a bag of groceries or paying the rent one time. These are all good and well and in this economy much needed.

The THM approach is to raise the fund by partnering with others that join the THM programs to raise the funds needed. This way THM is helping our partners have more income to pay their bills and help others.

In this way, when THM helps someone in poverty, they will have the knowledge to acquire funds, pay their bills, and help others do the same. It is very humiliating to ask for help and to have to do it, again and again, is devasting, demoralizing, and makes people lose all hope of ever-changing their situation.

Have you ever watched the progress at a construction site? Many weeks go by while busy-looking people play around in the dirt. They stick poles in, plant stakes, run wires, take out dirt, put different dirt in, bury pipes and graves, build forms, lay in grids and steel, pour concrete.

Then at some magical point, trucks arrive with prefabricated parts and within days, a building appears where there was recently an empty space.

               Without a firm, stable foundation, any structure will fail.

Business is no different. I hope and pray who will partner with THM in building that stable foundation. So many people are hurting. Greed and disrespect for life have reached a pandemic stage. Children killing children. The ego is in charge. Ego edging God out. We took prays out of the schools and replaced them with guns, hatred, and disrespect.

  Do you want to know the secrete? Read on… Resolve to make 2022 the year you join with the people making a difference… the people that are reaching out to those in need… So much of marketing and especially online marketing ignores the poor and homeless… There is a goldmine in the poor and homeless… ask any slumlord…

Help THM put together a grassroots program to help all mankind, save the planet, get closer to God, respect life, and bring peace, love, and joy to ourselves and others.

Together we can and must change this downward trend of society. To partner with TEAM HOPE Ministry today, click Here.

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