Federal Poverty Levels

380 million children are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Empowering all areas of life is the only way out.

Orphaned and vulnerable children living in extreme poverty are abused, sick, and isolated from their community. Handouts and begging to help them to survive temporarily. Our solution addresses all their challenges, across eight areas of life, equipping them to overcome poverty with their own efforts—and for good.

More than 100,000 orphaned children, including Gentil, have been empowered to overcome poverty through empowerment rather than handouts.

Because we only provide resources and not handouts, every donation is used to meet the needs of these young people in eight areas of life. Our program is cost-effective, allowing our donors to maximize their impact by partnering with a single reputable organization.

Will my monthly contributions be invested in specific children or distributed to the entire group?
Our group approach is critical to the success of the Zoe Empowers model. Your monthly contribution will be combined with those of other monthly donors to cover the total cost of empowering a group of 60-100 vulnerable children in the country with the greatest need. Your collaboration will have an impact on a group of children but not on a single child. Throughout the three-year program, regular stories about the children who have been impacted are shared.

Absolutely! The best part about this option is that you can select which country you want to affect. There are several approaches that can be taken to achieve this goal. You can pledge to fund a Full Partnership for three years with an investment of $8,500 per year, or you can pledge to fund a Half Partnership and we will find someone to fund the other half. Another common way to collaborate with an entire group is to use our fundraising pages to ask your friends and family to join your effort. This is a popular option for individuals, churches, and other organizations looking to make a difference. To reach your goal, you only need 19 people to contribute $38 per month.

However, you can include as many people as necessary to reach the overall goal. It is easy to get started. You can make a pledge right now, learn more about partnering with a full or half group, or start your fundraising page right now.

Special Offer: Zoe Empowers is pleased to announce the launch of Empowerment Pods! Full empowerment groups will be segmented into smaller empowerment pods consisting of approximately 15-20 orphaned and vulnerable children from 5 child-headed households as part of Zoe Empowers COVID-19 response to limit large gatherings. Members of the Empowerment Pod will continue to identify as part of a larger empowerment group but will hold regular meetings as a small group to comply with COVID-19-related restrictions on large gatherings.

When will the program begin for the group I help support?
When enough partners have pledged a total of $710 per month, the country with the greatest need will be notified that funding is available. A new group will be formed at the earliest possible opportunity, in accordance with the country’s annual cycle for forming new groups. Each country establishes new groups twice a year, according to the regional growing season, to ensure that the children’s most critical nutritional needs are met as soon as possible. See an example of a previously funded group here.

As you can see the need is great and the program is empowering the children in the skills they will need to succeed. By partnering with TEAM HOPE Ministry, for just $19 one time, and sharing with others until 3 people sign up under you and pay the one-time $19 you can have the funds to help, while THM works alleviating poverty here in the states and beyond… To learn more and partner with THM click Here.

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