Eviction Free Renting

Join and recruit 5 people in 10 days and you will receive a Vacation Getaway to over 60,000 locations…

How would you like to eliminate evictions? I have a program that could easily do that if applied in the right way. You can learn about it at  https://bit.ly/apam55. So what is the right way? The manager signs up under https://bit.ly/ec4ads4.

Now, the manager signs up the apartment complex under him/her. You can use an alias for the apartment name, to alleviate questions in the future. This fund is completely controlled by you or whoever you assign,

Now sign up three more people under the manager. This gives the manager $20 and those last 2 people owe the manager 4 people which equals $40 and from them… $80. As you can see the sum keeps doubling. and once started, it keeps coming…

Everybody else from the apartment complex signs up under the apartments, giving you a fund to pay the rent for those unable to pay. For you to pay their rent they must join the program and understand that your source for the funds will only pay the rent once. They must sign up people under them, so they will have the funds to pay their own rent.

The apartment complex fund will quickly grow. Say 100 people signed up under the complex. That’s $1,000. as those people sign up people that quickly generate $2,000. Then $4,000, then $8,000, then $16,000… just those sums add up to $31,000 and the funds keep on coming… so paying the rents one time will not be a problem.

Pretty soon everybody will be signed up and the fund will still keep growing. You can treat to dining out treats,
gift cards, pool parties, and more. The staff can get bonuses. Even trips… the field is wide open. It could even include donating to a worthy cause. A Christmas Party for all the residences, where they receive gifts from the complex… actually they will come from the manager and the staff… What a way to promote loyalty.

The apartment manager or whoever they appoint is totally in charge of this program. Also, the manager is free and advised to sign up people from outside the apartment Complex.

Thank You For Reading and Applying this,

Rick Herring

682 223 1202

P.S. Should you call, please leave a message and a phone number. Individuals can also do this. Just bear in mind, if you set an account to pay the rent, you will need a tax number to get paid.

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