Together Everyone Achieves More Helping Other People Everyday Get To Heaven

by Rick Herring

As Christians, this should be our goal. To be a river, a source of Peace, Love, Joy flowing out to set the captives free. The captives; the ones that are hanging on to their burdens. Who are filling their minds, their conversations, their whole being with negative, depressing thoughts?

God created us to be thankful, uplifting,  joyous, peaceful. We are able to accomplish this when we let go of the negative, depressing thoughts and concentrate on the positive. On spreading peace, love, joy instead of doom and destruction.

By concentrating on the negative situation, you produce more negative situations and you bring yourself and others down. So concentrate on the positive and produce more positive situations and be more uplifting to yourself and those around you.

Let’s compare the situation too, say a storm hit your neighborhood. Instead of concentrating on the destruction and the loss. Concentrate on the blessing by working to clean up and rebuild and being thankful you were able to enjoy what you had while you had. Thank God for the people that pass through your life. Pray that they are in a better place and you will join them soon.

Treat every situation as a Blessing; as truly everything is a Blessing… We just have to be open to the Blessing God is sending our way this way, you are open to new Blessings and new friends. You have to be empty and open to receive the new Blessing.

Everything is a blessing. Just look at the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A horrible event that leads to the Resurrection, Eternal Life, a chance to spend Eternity in Heaven with Our Creator, Our Redeemer. receive new blessings, be they possessions and or friends.

To collect this reward we must love the Lord with our total being. God must be the center of our whole being. We must love our neighbor as ourselves. Always remember, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, so treat others as such,

Truly we need to be a river of peace flowing out of you and me, setting all the captives. Making everyone aware of the Peace, Love, Joy they can have if they make God the Center of their lives.

Just let go of the negative, the hate, the discontent and let God Take over.  A great prayer is, “Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything”. I say, Jesus, I surrender myself to You, thank you for taking care of everything… because He always does.

Just consider yourself connecting to your Loving Heavenly Father. The one with all the knowledge in the Universe. The One with all the Creative Power in the Universe. The One that is The Center and purveyor of all the Love, Joy, and Peace in the Universe. The One that loves you more than anyone.

The One that gave you a free will which He will not violate. You must ask Him to come and be open to His Present in you. Nurture Him and thank Him for being in you and humbling Himself to come and live in you. Allow Him to guide you, console you, and love you, while He fills you with peace, love, and joy. 

Knowing how Powerful the Creator of the Universe is and how much He loves you and wants to help you, why would you allow anyone, other than God to be The Center of Your Life. 

Proverbs 28:0 States, “If you turn a deaf ear to God, He turns a deaf ear to you.” 

If you really want to be happy, full of peace, love, joy… ask what He wants you to do, instead of telling Him what you want… Our loving Heavenly Father always has a better idea about what is best for you than you could ever have. Then listen and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to do the next best thing.

Remember, God is love, and all there should be in love. God sends no one to Hell… we do that ourselves by the choices we make… They say Heaven is so full of Love, that if you are not totally loving you will choose Hell. To be totally loving can only be accomplished by making God the Center of your life. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude, thanking God for everything and being open for the blessings, the enlightenment that will follow.

Being kind to others, in a way, is being kind to God and to yourself… Practice Patience… and listen… Remembering God is fluent in silence… Some say the language of the Lord is silence… silence in nature, in a sunset, in a smile…

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