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RE: Let Us View Some Classics
From:  Rick Herring

The fifties was the decade of big cars and large fins. Some of the cars in the late fifties looked like space ships, with large fins. Some of the classics were;

1950s Classic Cars

  • 1958 Buick Limited Classic Car.
  • 1956 Buick Special Riviera Coupe.
  • 1959 Cadillac Cyclone.
  • 1955 Dodge Royal Sierra Custom Station Wagon.
  • 1957 Dodge Coronet Texan.
  • 1958 Edsel Bermuda.
  • 1959 Ford Galaxie.
  • 1954 Mercury Sun Valley.
The Original Sports Car: Mercer 35R Raceabout, 1910-’15

We start our rundown with the vehicle that apparently began the game’s vehicle frenzy. Well before MGs, Triumphs, and Corvettes were cruising our roads and threatening our tracks, the Mercer Raceabout was the supercar of each kid’s fantasies. Once upon a time when a maximum velocity of 30 or 40 mph was carefully hidden, the Mercer ensured 70 mph.

The Raceabout was little and low-threw during a time of enormous, awkward, metal period machines. It was additionally the principal auto to utilize dealing with, not packs of pull, to dominate races. While its 56 torque may not seem like a lot, the Mercer speeds up more like a ’50s-time MG or Triumph than something worked before World War I. The transmission is additionally obviously superior to one would sensibly expect, and the vehicle handles very well notwithstanding its vintage. The greatest frustration is presumably the brakes, which tragically are close to nonexistent.

Shutting remark: Driving the Mercer Raceabout is important to get where the entire idea of the game’s vehicle was conceived.

From 1937 to 1949, Lancia created more than 28,600 of its Aprilia models, some of them undercarriage conveyed to coachbuilders. The vehicle was the last evolved under the administration of organization organizer Vincenzo Lancia, who passed on that very month as creation started.

Of those a great many units, just 10 were equipped with cabriolet coachwork by Pinin Farina. One of those 10 is the Pick of the Day.

As well as being the author’s last model, the Aprilia was one of the primary vehicles planned to utilize an airstream, at the polytechnic college in Torino, Italy, where Lancia fashioner Battista Falchetto assisted shape a vehicle with what at the time was an uncommonly streamlined coefficient of drag.

The 1959 Imperial was Dodge”s answer to the Lincoln and the Cadillac, and was one of the largest and had the greatest display of fins accent by some audacious tail lights.

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