Lower Your Taxes

Alta W-

According to her usual preparer, she owed $2,123

After ASN had completed it, she owed only $299

Steven C-

According to a well known preparer, refund $2,1013

After ASN had completed it, refund $4,921

H&R Block soaked me for $648.00. I am self employed and there were a few paperless forms involved. I asked them how much it would be up front. They told me it is by the form. So when we were done, the bill was $648.00. I made $19k last year. It took them less than an hour and I too was very organized. After I got the bill I asked them for their ala carte menu of forms and they would not give me one. I feel ripped off…What can I do? I don’t mind paying them, but $648.00?

Our fees for this return- $300

Why Claiming More Income Will Often LOWER Your Tax Bill

In order to avoid paying taxes on it, many people “forget” to declare the $500, $1,000, or $2,000 they made on the side.  What they often don’t realize is that in earning that money, they incurred huge potential LEGAL write-offs.  Deductions  that would not only completely offset the income earned, but actually reduce their overall taxable income from employment.  

That means, less taxes that you pay… or higher refunds that you receive!


and if you are in business– you have write-offs… 

It is almost certain that your are neglecting to take advantage of many Tax-Write offs that you have available:

  • Do you own a business? If you are an ASN member, you have MANY legitimate tax write offs.
  • Do you have a hobby from which you sometimes make sales? You have additional deductions.
  • Do you occasionally help others for “Beer Money”, You have even more write offs!

Tax Precept: 

Generally, all expenses incurred in the maintaining or expanding of any endeavor intended to make money or increase personal assets are deemed as tax deductible and can be used to lower your overall tax liability. 


*  Assume you are in the 20% tax bracket.

*  That means that every $100 of business deductions, saves you $20 in taxes or increases your refund by $20.

*  Assume you purchased a $5,000 computer for your hobby that provides some income.

            Your tax liability goes down by $1,000 and Your refund increases by $1,000.

*  Assume you frequently go out to eat with your business partner (wife) weekly and discuss your hobby/business.  Those meals are deductible!

*  Have a cell phone to contact your customers; for them to contact you?  Totally deductible.

Obviously, different businesses lend themselves to different business deductions.  The information below will provide a general overview.  However…


If you are a working ASN member… every single one of these deductions are legally available to you.


Obviously, until we’ve seen your complete situation, we can’t give an exact quote.  If you have one job and no home, the effort (and fees), required to maximize your situation is obviously much less than if you had 3 jobs, 2 businesses and 4 houses…  

However, 99% of our returns are between $50 and $350

What other companies routinely charge you $700 or more to do, we will do for about $350, and we guarantee you will have a better result! 

We are committed to getting you the best result at the lowest cost.

Our Fees-

Until we see the details of your unique situation, an exact estimate is not possible, however, the below are close approximations.

Federal taxes are a minimum of $50 per year for a simple W-2 with no itemizations

 Maximum of about $250 to $300 for federal returns requiring  Schedule C’s and/or Depreciation schedules. 


If you have any questions, please call us, Toll Free at

877 604 6636 Ext 3  or email to


When calling, please reference Service ID RH4179

Go to https://allsolutionsnetwork.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi/RH4179/taxes.htm to get started saving…

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