Receive Perpetual $10 Dollar Bills and Unlimited Traffic for Life


Step 1: Join EasyCash4Ads (EC4A) through my team rotator link CLICK HERE 

If you join under me, I’ll put your link on my personal team rotator link to help you get your first 2 sales with EC4A (part of my bonuses)

Step 2: Make sure you follow the EC4A email instructions to fully set up and activate your EC4A account.

After your 3rd sale, you’ll get $10 on autopilot from passups. Each of your downlines have to pass up their first 2 referrals/sales to you.


Step 1: Join FAFY AIOP through my link below.

If you join under me, I’ll put your FAFY AIOP link on my rotator within my funnel to promote for you forever.


for the FAFY AIOP team link: 

{Read IMPORTANT first}

IMPORTANT: Make sure you only see the sponsor name: at the top of the register form when you join AIOP 

Rick Herring (sponsor ID: JMJ25) 

Step 1: Click Join AIOP and upgrade (at least basic) > click register > fill out the register form (Make sure you only see one of the sponsor names listed above on the top of register form)

Step 2: Join FAFY (already a FAFY member, then you’re good and you can skip this step) 
Step 3: Issue a Support ticket (click the link on that page to submit a ticket to FAFY support and give them the information they need)

You’ll make recurring monthly commissions of $10 for every referral and passup. Remember your link is placed on the rotator with FAFY until you get 4 referrals. I’ll also promote your link within this funnel, and this is forever! This is indeed a free built-in traffic.

I’ll help build your FAFY AIOP team & get you sales/referrals forever by putting your FAFY AIOP affiliate link on the team rotator on this page. So when a lead clicks on the rotator link & join FAFY AIOP, you get paid $10/month, and I get your passups. It’s a win-win for both of us.

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

After you’ve signed up for all the programs above, send email to along with your 2 affiliate links (EC4A & FAFY AIOP links), AIOP login details, and leadsleap login details.

Don’t have leadsleap yet? JOIN HERE for free: 

I’ll set up your funnel, loading email follow ups to your AIOP autoresponder and linking the squeeze page to it, then send your bonuses.

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