Dexter, a Truly Inspiring Dog

Making the Best with What I Have

It truly is not how damaged you become when you get knocked down, but how you rise and use the blessings you still have. After losing one front paw in traffic and badly injuring the other, Dexter has rose to be the beloved Town Celebrity. A very popular site in Uray, Colorado.

It is one thing to be born without a limb and excel, but to lose two limbs, all be it, when he was quite young and adapt the way, he has is utterly amazing. No one showed him how. Dexter just picked himself up and did it. This again proves everything is a Blessing. What a joy to see him joyfully moving wherever he needs and wants to go.

Dexter is truly a delight to all. He is bringing so much joy. I hope he inspires you to be a blessing to the people you come in contact with.

And I must commend Steve Hartman, CBS, and You Tube for bringing us all these great inspiring stories. Truly letting us know there really is good in the world, no matter who tells us otherwise.

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