What Are You Chasing After?

How many times have you seen stories like
Rocky or The Pursuit of Happiness where a
man with a great vision and the ability to
overcome their obstacles, jumps through a
myriad of challenges to reach their destiny.

Pursuit of Happiness is actually one of my
favorite movies, and in less than 2 hours,
Will Smith exemplified what someone’s life
can look like when they don’t let life’s challenges
deter them from their dreams.

It’s movies like these that reveal and validate
our pursuit for success. They also remind us
that nothing good comes easy, and despite the
number of challenges you face, if you’re
determined and committed to seeing it through,
you will reach your destiny.

Online Marketing is very much like that. You
have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of
massive success, or you can stand back and
become a spectator of someone’s amazing life
story unfolding right before your eyes.

Today I want to give you a guide for what you’ll
need to do to experience your own “Happiness”
in this industry. These are the things I asked myself
when I started building   MY BUSINESS.
So, whip out a pen and paper,
and let’s go to work!

Business Building Tips:

As you get started with building your business,
there are a few things that we need to address
upfront so that you can have a solid game plan
that will guide you on the steps needed to create
a successful business.

Below is a list of questions that you’ll need to
ask yourself, that will build on our developing your
personal business plan for your Online Marketing

1. Why did I choose to build a Network or Affiliate Marketing Business?
2. What are the personal goals that I’d like my
Network or Affiliate Marketing Business to help me accomplish?
3. How much money would I like to earn on a
monthly basis?
4. Am I currently satisfied with my lifestyle? If not
what are some things that I’d like to change in  the
next 12 months?
5. How many hours am I willing to commit to build
my business?
6. How many hours do I have available to build my
7. The first 3 goals that I’d like to accomplish in the
next 3 months of building my business are: (list
any personal or business goals here).
8. The person that I look up to in my company is:
9. I will try to schedule an appointment with him/her
by (enter date) to pick their brains and see how
they’re able to do what they’ve done!

Answering these questions is the starting point to holding
yourself accountable for reaching your goals, and creating
a strategic plan that will dictate the actions you must take
to succeed.

Be sure to go through these questions thoroughly, answer
them honestly and take your time with those that you feel
require more thought.

Whatever you choose to do be sure to plan your
success, rather than just allowing whatever happens, to
happen in your life!! “If you fail to plan, then you
plan to fail”

To Your Success,


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