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I am approaching my 80th birthday. Still up and going. My sister describes me as a very independent 79-year-old.

Back in the late 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s I attended school. Fresh off, the farm, from parents that grew up in the depression and World War 1, that put work above most everything else, reading to their children was totally overlooked, and this put me and my siblings way behind.

To make matters worse, in my first-grade glass, there were fifty students. Our saving grace was that the school had a New Superintendent, whose wife was a schoolteacher, taking a year off. But thankfully, she was persuaded to take half of us to a room in the back of the auditorium. This happened at mid-term. There, I learned enough to pass to the second grade, where the same lady, Ms. Hays, was my teacher.

Today, I am working hard to acquire an income from an online business. My goal is to Alleviate Poverty: Yours, Mine, Theirs… By you joining my program and recruiting others, you make money and I make money, some of which I can use to put the poor and homeless in the program and guide them to making a good living, while helping others do the same.

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I hope you enjoyed this peak into my past and will look forward to more blogs, emails, and videos like this.

To Your Success,

Rick Herring

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