Welcome to This Awesome Team

Thank you so much for being here. You have opted into a very awesome team of people. People who are out to alleviate poverty: yours, mine, theirs… Just imagine the homeless, those facing eviction, those being foreclosured on having the opportunity to build a very successful business producing them a very good income.

This all because you are here. You are the people that have the opportunity to make this possible. This is an awesome opportunity. The ability to help TEAM HOPE MINISTRY acquire the funds to make this possible.

There was a man praying to God to win the lottery. He had been doing this for a long time, when God said, “You have to help me out. Could you please buy a ticket.” By not spending the one dollar, you are doing the same thing. Hopefully, you opted in to make some money. You have to invest in yourself to get this going.

You, now have the opportunity to make a great income, while giving TEAM HOPE MINISTRY the funds to alleviate poverty: yours, mine, theirs… Think of all the people you can lift out of living paycheck to paycheck, by sharing this with them, thus increasing your income and theirs.

To view the video that allows you to enroll for one dollar, Click Here. Get 3 people in the first 14 days, you will be in profit, and never pay out of pocket for your monthly fee.

Thank You So Much for Being Here,

Rick Herring

P.S. If you have any questions, please email me at Herring4569@gmail.com

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