Seven Steps of Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing? It is marketing that attracts customers and clients to you ready to buy what you have to offer.

The First Step is to Brand You. If you want a business that brings in revenue and last so long that your children can get a great income and life style helping others, do not sell any company. Sell yourself. Become the one they know like and trust. Before you sell, build a relationship. Learn what service you have that might help them.

The Second Step is to Define Your Audience. Before anything else, you get clear on who you can help with your service, product or expertise. Only certain people will need and can prosper from what you are offering.

The Third Step is to Learn Their Problems, Challenges, Pains, Desires, and Questions. Nobody cares about what you have until they know how much you care about them.

Fourth Step is to Create Content That Address your audience challenges, pains, problems, desires, and questions. This content must be delivered daily in blogs, audios, facebook post etc…

Fifth Step is to Build Relationships With Your Audience. Again, I must reiterate that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Treat them as human beings that you sincerely want to help, to serve. Stay in touch. Follow up daily.

Sixth Step is to Engage Your Audience. Talking to your audience is the best way to learn their pains, challenges, concerns and desires. Uncover their pain and provide pain killers. Point them to your product or service.

Seventh Step is to Sell Your Audience. Have multiply streams of income so you have many way to solve their problems, alleviate their challenges and embrace them as a life long customer or partner.

Focus on Three Actives Daily. Build – Engage – Sell Click Here to get your own Attraction Marketing System

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