This is Really Building My List

On 12/4/22 I signed up for and today, 12/5/22, I have 25 contacts that have opted in. So what am I doing? I am posting videos on social media. These videos are mostly coming from my main program. A program that sets up everything and does all the selling and gives you FREE Postcards names and addresses, plus Unlimited Cash Deliveries.

So I invite you take a look at this program. To do so Click Here. The owner is very accessible and takes care of things in a hurry. I have talked to him twice. He also does all the selling and pays you quickly, Monday through Saturday. You get paid by mail or direct deposit.

You get paid when one of your contacts upgrades and when they make a sale. You also get more FREE Postcards with names and addresses. You also get paid when someone you recruited makes a sale and more FREE Postcards with more names and addresses. So as you can see you will not only have Unlimited Cash Deliveries but also Unlimited FREE Postcards and names and addresses.

For the cherry on top, you can get postcard stamps for 21 dollars for one hundred. For even more reason to Join Our Team, TEAM HOPE Ministries, for we are raising funds to Alleviate Poverty: Yours, Mine, Theirs…

So again I urge you to Click Here to learn more and get started receiving Unlimited Cash Deliveries and Unlimited Postcards, Names, and Addresses. Postcard stamps for $21 a hundred, when you join our team.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Rick Herring

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