The Christmas Capital of Texas

Since 2009, Grapevine, Texas has enthusiastically embraced the title given to it by the Texas Legislators, as the Chrismas Capital of Texas. They go all out, building and displaying their own handmade ornaments, wagons, snowmen, and more.

Main Street is all decked in this historic small town, northeast of Fort, Worth and east of Dallas. Visitors come from near and far to view the sites. This year they added a large ice rink, in front of a large hotel on Main Street.

They go all out with a parade, tree lighting, and more to start the 40 Days of Christmas.

Until December 24th it is the Advent Season. Christmas runs from 12/24 to 01/06, So I am wishing you all a Happy Advent and then a Merry Christmas,

Make it a Blessed Season,

Rick Herring

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