Merry Christmas

Are commented to God in such a way that we are available for anything he ask us to do. In the gospel of 12/22. we learn how Mary was so committed to God and the rewards received because of her commitment. As Bishop Baron Tells us; Friends, in today’s Gospel, we hear the Magnificat—Mary’s great hymn of praise to Yahweh.

The hymn commences with the simple declaration, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” Mary announces here that her whole being is ordered to the glorification of God. Her ego wants nothing for itself; it wants only to be an occasion for giving honor to God. But since God needs nothing, whatever glory Mary gives to him returns to her benefit, so that she is magnified in the very act of magnifying him. In giving herself away fully to God, Mary becomes a superabundant source of life; indeed, she becomes pregnant with God.

This odd and wonderful rhythm of magnifying and being magnified is the key to understanding everything about Mary, from her divine motherhood, to her Assumption and Immaculate Conception, to her mission in the life of the Church.

In Phillip Keller’s book, “What I Learned From a Sheep Dog”, Phillip tells how his beloved, beautiful border collie was available for anything.

On his sheep ranch on Vancouver Island, there were spots along the shore line where amid the boulders were patches of wild roses, thorny blackberry tangles, old stumps, water falls ,and down timber. Some areas were very rocky, with granite outcroppings.

The sheep loved to work their way into these spots searching for stray patches of sweet grass, new shouts of shrubbery or dainty herbs they relished. It was no easy task to find the flock in difficult cut-over country.

As Phillip would tell Lass to fetch them. Go and bring them home. Without hesitation the beautiful border collie would be gone, leaping over the windfalls, pushing through the undergrowth, running over the rough rocks. Totally committed to here master’s command.

It was tremendously simulating to watch here work with such eager enthusiasm.She literally flung herself into the task until every sheep was out.

There was a severe cost to the dog in all of this. She would become very weary. Often when she came back to me, her face would be scratched and torn by the cruel thorns of the rose and blackberry. Her coat would be clogged with burs and debris. Sometimes the pads of her feet would be cut and lacerated from the sharp stones.

There was suffering involved, as there was with Mary and Jesus. Being totally committed to God can and does bring suffering. Just read the lives of the saint. Saints such as our Beloved Padre Pio, who had the Stigmata (the physical, visible, painful wounds of Jesus Crucified) for over fifty years.

The question remains, can we abandon ourselves to the Will of God, as did Mary, Padre Pio and as the Border Collie Lass did to her master. Only then can we reap the glories of Eternal life with Our Eternal Father in Heaven.

To help us surrender to God, Our Eternal Father, we should look at and meditate on the Crucifix and feel the suffering, the pain, and humiliation Jesus went through to redeem us from our sins and to make it possible for us to spend Eternal Life in Heaven with our Eternal Father. Remember, this is Our Eternal Father, who loved us so much He delivered His Beloved Son to the Death on the Cross to save us from eternal suffering in hell.

To All Peace, Love, Joy,

Rick Herring

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