From Your Sponsor —The Early Years

The early years for me were filled with the operations on my hand, exploring my world, the birth of my brother in 1946, and my sister in 1948.

When my sister was born, she was the first grandniece of my aunt and she came down to the family farm in Runnels County, six miles northwest of Miles, Texas to help. That year daddy made a cotton crop and my aunt Edna helped our mother with the baby and helped daddy harvest the cotton crop. Also, my sister’s middle name was Ann, which was my grandmother’s middle name. For years, her aunts called her Ann.

Starting school in 1949. There were fifty students in our first-grade class. At midterm half of us were failing. But luckily the school district of one rural school had hired a new superintendent, whose wife was a school teacher, who was trying to take the year off. But they persuaded her to take half the students to a back room in the auditorium, where we learned the three r’s well enough to pass to the second grade, where Mrs. Hays was again our teacher.

Daddy got a four-door Buick touring car, that he converted into a pickup by stripping it down to the frame, leaving the windshield and front bench sheet, and putting a wood bed of two by sixes behind the seat. We hauled the gravel from the Colorado River for the dairy barn he would later build.

My brother and I had our tonsils taken out in outpatient surgery in San Angelo, Texas. This was probably 1952 as the diary was up and running. By raising their own cow feed, my parents made some really good money that year.

But the next year, the drought of the fifties hit and we boys and daddy went to the pear patch for cow feed. But that’s a story for another time. Be on the lookout for that.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Rick Herring

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