Living With An Attitude of Gratitude

The benefits of being thankful and showing gratitude or eminence. It can improve your mental health.
Studies show that gratitude unshackles us from toxin emotions. Writing letters of gratitude can greatly improve your mental health. Using more of the word, “we” and less of the word “I” can greatly enhance your mental health.

The science of thankfulness can rewire our brains for resilience, optimism, and the greater good. In our fractured “me-first” world, the science and practice of gratitude could be the answer.

Shifting from negative emotions such as envy and resentment to writing about how you were blessed by certain people, places, and things can greatly improve your attitude, and disposition and make it harder to ruminate on negative experiences.

Gratitude helps even if it is not shared. Writing letters of gratitude, even if they were not sent still helped get the mind focused on being thankful, and grateful.

The benefits of gratitude can take some time, depending on how negative one has been. To be grateful is just a much better way to live with much less hurtful repercussions.

Gratitude has a lasting effect on the brain. There are studies that show one minute of anger can affect your immune system, negatively for five hours or more. While one minute of happiness can enhance your immune system positively for up to twenty-four hours and it takes fewer mussels to smile than to frown. Also, smiles are more pleasant to display and get more positive comments.

Writing letters of gratitude is a really good habit to form. Much of our time is spent pursuing things we don’t have. While gratitude reverses our priorities to help us appreciate the people and things we do have in our lives.

To eradicate our negative, hateful, complaining attitude, a great practice would be anytime you want to say, write, twite, or post, any negative complaint, you must come up with five loving, grateful, thankful things to say before you say, write, or post anything negative. Hopefully, you never get to write, post, or say your negative complaint.

Being Grateful,

Rick Herring

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