Why is Everyone Joining and Hyping Live Good

Tired of high-priced products and buy-ins? 

Tired of jumping through hoops to qualify for commissions?

I was too!  Then I found this new opportunity.

Everyone is jumping on board, because it is THAT good!

Introducing … LiveGood!

        Experienced Owner – Unique Concept

How would you like to own your own supplement store, and get paid fairly?  Our unique compensation plan does just that!

–       50% fast start bonuses on your personal enrollees – additional fast start bonuses too

–       No autoship requirements

–       2 x 15 forced matrix fosters teamwork, no sponsoring required to get paid in the matrix

–       Matching bonuses on multi-levels, 25-50% on your personal enrollees

–       Additional bonuses – influencer and diamond pool

–       Retail commissions

–       Prices so low, you can actually get retail customers!

Click Here to Check us out today!

To Your Unlimited Success,

Rick Herring

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