Can Our Problems Become our God?

Think about it. What we think about. Whatever has our attention is our God. Do we really believe “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians: 4: 11 – 13.

May I offer a few things to think about long and hard about. Stop having a victim mentality. That really cuts us off from really trusting God and allowing Him to interseed.

Instead see ourselves as victors in Christ and accept whatever comes about as a blessing, for whatever happens, if taken in a positive way, in a loving Godly way will be a blessing in the long run.

On my prayer table, I have this: First principle: Relax and see yourself already in possession of the good you desire. Second Principle: Let Go And Let God.

In all things give God the Glory…

Perhaps we need to spend more time in The House of the Lord. Saint Padre Pio tells us: “A Thousand Years of Enjoying human glory is not worth an Hour Spent Sweetly Communing With Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.”

Let us totally say in a meaningful, trusting way; “Jesus, I surrender to You. Thank You for taking care of everything. ” Then proceed in a loving manner. A joyful, christian manner. Like We had a problem. We gave it to the Almighty, Eternal Problem Solver and it was and is being taken care of, in God Time, in God’s most loving way. I will pray, hope and be thankful. I have done my part. I have completely, actively “Let go and let God!”

Now I shall spread the joy, that God is in charge of my life. Fact is, He really is, whether we accept it or not. We are connected body and soul to God. He is Our Eternal Generator. He and He alone can and will pull the plug on our earthly bodies anytime He chooses. We have no control of the day or the time.

So isn’t it better to live as joyful christians alive in the joys and promises of God or a fearful earthling, all bundled up in our problems, with no room for God in our lives? While we are praying hard to God, we are hanging on to our problem with all our might. We are spreading gloom and doom, talking about our problems, instead of spreading the love, joy and peace of God that we and everyone needs.

We should watch and delete our negative talk…such as I am broke. Our minds are the greatest, most sophisticated computer ever made and are programmed by our talk and will work hard to make what we say a reality. Also negative talk is an affront to the God who made you. How would you like something you made putting itself down?

We cannot be broke for our Heavenly has all the riches in the world and will send them to us as He sees it is a Blessing to us and to His Kingdom. We have to be open to receiving them and using them in a way that Glorifies God and His children.

And do not tell God how to solve your needs. There is a story about the salesman, who lost his horse, and he is crying out to God to give him a new horse. Will the angels find him this great horse, but he sees this old nag in a pen and asks to have that horse. Though reluctant, the angels give him the nag. Do not tell God how to solve your problem. Remember He has the whole film, while we only have a frame. As here in the above story, God wants to give very good things, not nags.

To God Be The Glory,

Rick Herring

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