Analyzing the Good, Bad and the Ugly

Some say the priests, bishops, cardinals, nuns, sisters, and even popes that have gone bad should have been above that. Well, let us look back and see. Remember we are given free will by God.

From the very beginning, God creates The Garden of Paradise and puts Adam and Eve in it. They communicate with God. They walk with God. They personally know God and yet they disobey. If anyone has ever been above such an act, it seems, they should have been, yet they disobeyed God.

Jesus becomes man and walks the earth. Chooses 12 apostles. They walk with Him, and are taught by Him. Fellowship with Him for three years and yet they denied Him, betrayed Him. Yet they did so much good to bring Christianity to all mankind.

Saint Paul, while still a Jew, persecuted the Church Jesus founded. Yet He became one of the greatest Evangelists of the Church. It is recognized that he and Peter were the driving force that made Christianity so prevalent in the world.

So to say religious should be above such atrocities is to believe “free will” has been taken away from them. God adamantly says that will never happen.

Mother Teresa had the right idea. She totally surrendered to God. Gave God the glory for everything that happened. She always said she was a pencil in the hands of God and vowed to let God do with her what He saw as best for her. Consequently, she was canonized a Saint in the sixth year of her departure from earth.

The world as we know it is in bad shape physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. The one thing I see is our insistence on thinking and verbalizing the negative. Seldom do we hear positive, loving things. It has been proven that what we think about and what we talk about comes about.

Zig Zigalar gave us proof that in many of the talks he gave. Here is a short video to demonstrate this.

Check it out and put it to work and at the very least it will change your outlook on life and hopefully you will share it with others and change your world.

Bottom line: Jesus lost 8% of His Apostles. The Church has lost about the same amount of their religious.
By the publicity you would think it was a whole lot more. But many are focused on bringing down the Catholic Church, in which the membership is one billion, a good 8% of the earth population. They must be forgetting Mathew 16: 18–” Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

So be aware 90% of our religious are doing tremendous work in the vineyard of souls. Many have been martyred for their faith. Today we need more priests and religious, so the ones that are active are doing the work of many. Please pray for them.

God Bless You,

Rick Herring

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