Maybe You Say That Positive Stuff is Bogus

Well here is what Tony Robins says about being positive. You say who is Tony Robins. Look below and if you need more info, google him.

American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist, the now incredibly famous Tony Robbins, gave some great tips on how to adopt positive thinking.

Here are five ways he spoke of:

1) Decide to be Positive – Decide to focus on what you DO have instead of what you don’t have in a situation. Decide to make the habit of focusing on what is right in the world instead of what is wrong. Those habits form the chain of who you become and how you live your life.

2) Mental Diet – To develop this habit of positive thinking, go on a “mental diet.” Tony said that for seven straight days, he challenged himself to go without entertaining any negative thoughts.

It doesn’t mean he didn’t have them; instead, when he had them, he set them aside. He didn’t speak them out loud, and he didn’t give them time. Whenever he had a negative thought, he would immediately say, “That’s not what I mean; what I mean is THIS.” And he would then focus on something good.

Essentially the idea is not to allow yourself to hold a negative thought for seven straight days. He says this 7-day challenge actually changed his life. It is essentially focusing on solutions instead of problems.

3) Be Curious, Not Judgemental – Instead of judging yourself and others, decide right now to become curious and not judgemental. Remember, if you judge other people, you will also start judging yourself intensely.

If you are angry at others, there is a good chance you are also angry at yourself. Instead, get curoius. Ask questions. What is making this person be in the state they are in? What’s the motivation behind this person’s anger?

Judge less, perceive more. Today, we are so afraid to believe in anything or anyone that we believe in nothing, and we lose our power of positive thinking. We try to destroy our heroes.

The Bible said it best, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Tony said, “Free yourself from the disease of making others wrong, and you will free yourself from the disease of making yourself wrong.”

4) Appreciate the Negative – Decide right now to find something to appreciate from any seemingly negative situation or person. But also take the time to appreciate what isn’t working.

Appreciate it enough that maybe it creates enough pain to make you want to change.

Negative thinking is dense, and it doesn’t take much to outweigh any positive thinking you are doing, so when you gauge your negatives, be sure to do that through a positive lens.

You are only viewing those negatives to make a change. Not to bring yourself down.

5) Don’t Seek Perfection – Decide not to be perfect. A surefire way to stay negative is to try to be perfect because we are not perfect, and that’s basically setting yourself up for failure.

Accept that you are going to mess up sometimes. It’s not always going to go how you want it to, but instead of beating yourself up when that happens, decide to have the goal of getting better and not being perfect each day.

Okay, that’s five tips from the great Tony Robbins on how to think more positively, and doing THAT will help you accomplish your goal, whatever that goal might be.

…but for now…let’s wrap this one up. Reflect on these five strategies for positive thinking.

Try that 7-day challenge as you progress on your quest to reach your goal…

…and I’ll see you in the next one!

Rick Herring

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