The Top 5 Green Products to Improve Your Life

#1: Nano Towels

NanoTowels® – A Revolutionary Piece Of Fabric That Replaces All Household Paper Towels And Toxic Chemical Cleaner. Household chemicals are the #1 leading external AND preventable cause for sickness and death in American households. Check out this one simple solution to solve that issue! You really can clean ANYTHING when you combine this patented technology with the power of simple water…

#2: Magnetic Laundry System – Never Pay For Detergent Again

The Average Household Spends A HUGE $378 A Year On Laundry Detergent. Over 12 years that adds up to whopping $4,536. Yet all that money is literally going down the drain every time you do a load of laundry. Luckily there’s a money saving solution: The Magnetic Laundry System! It doesn’t need detergent to clean clothes and is 100% reusable for life. It also has a 50 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

#3: Backyard Revolution – Free Electricity!

There’s one thing no one can avoid paying for – electricity. Without it your life would fall apart in days. Right now the ever rising costs of fuel World-wide are causing electricity to cost more and more every month it feels like. Finally you can cast aside these expensive bills due to the incredible Backyard Revolution Solar Panel System

#4: EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning™ course is the easy to follow, step-by-step system to recondition all kinds of old batteries with just simple supplies you probably already have in your home. The course is made up of step-by-step guides that show you how to recondition each type of battery. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not technical or don’t know the first thing about batteries …because our course is incredibly easy to follow and absolutely anybody can use it.

#5: Septifix – Septic Tank Saver

Septifix fixes ALL of your septic tank issues and saves you a small fortune every year. SEPTIFIX tabs are septic tank treatment tablets that are solid, environmentally safe, and OXYGEN releasing. After you flush them down your toilet, they will easily solve all your septic tank’s problems!

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