A hoot and a hollar

How you’all been dunning?

This younder is J.B. Grate coming at you from Irvine, Texas. located a hoot and a hollar west of Dallaas, Texas. We be out here in West Fork Village.

We have ben tooking some interesting trips with our very knowledgable actuvity defector. We journey up to Dentone Texas and learn about UNT. That campus is almost a 1,000 acres, it is over 100 years old and there are 30,000 students there. It home to the mean green fighting machine.

People who have quituwated from UNT – Pat Boone, Nora Jones, Meatloaf, Miss America 1975 – Shirley Barrett, the first female Pediatric surgeon in Texas, Dr. Benji Brooks and many more.

Than we went over to TWU. You know them people up thare have a chaple the in the woods, where you can got married or preform other rituals for a price. There was also the Dentoon Histerical Park, Bayless House, Wood House & Quakertown House, the Courthouse and more. We ate at Cartwright’s Sure was nice of them folks from Bonaza to put a nice family cafe here. Maight been their grandchildren.

They have shout movies thare, such as The darling, heart steeler, Benji. And the poular t v series Walker, Texas Ranger, Bonnie and Clyde, Armageddon, The Apostle and quite a few more.

Than, we were off to Fort Worth, way out younder west of Irvine, where the west begins… I have hung out in and around Fort Worth for decades, but I learned so much, thank you Maureen. We went on 30 and passed by the Catholic High School, established in 1961 when this was still part of the Dallas Diocease. There are 800 students and 91 staff members.

We went by Dickies Arena, Will Rogers Memorial Center, named after Cherokee American humorist Will Roger, a close friend of Amon Carter Jr. The founder of the Star Telegram, and pretty muchly the father of Fort Worth, the Museums, Casa Manna, Trinity River, Panther Island, Courthouse, Bass Hall, Sundance Square, and than we journeyed north to the Stockyards, the home of Mule Alley where the Army

got their mules during World War one and two. There is Colliseam there that had one of first indoor rodeos in the nation, there is a museum and offices and we saw a cattle drive, oh my God, of longhorn cattle and ate at Riskies. Awe doggie burgers.

Soon and very soon it will be baseball season. You knew that game that is play by youngums grewing up. It is played in slums and beautiful parks designated for such activity, sandlots and streets. It is a game where some one throws a ball at you and you try to hit it with a stick. And if you hit it and it is not a fowl, you run the bases that are laid out. should you get around all four bases you score. The team with the most scores wins. What a deal.They call the majouir leage players, them thair guys getting paid to play, “The Boys Of Summer.”

Will thunk you for hunging out with us. You all have a blessed night and come back to saw us when you can.

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