As Your Sponsor Let Me Share With You My Why

They say to accomplish success in an online business, you must have a strong why. Why do you want to build an online business? My strong Why that keeps driving me is to alleviate poverty and all the injustices that go with it. And let me tell you there are so many injustices that go with poverty.

To name a few. Access to good housing, to medical, to food, to a good education: just to highlight a few. So many online marketers show off huge bank accounts, with no mention of their social impact. So this proves that big money can be made online.

I would use that money to build affordable housing, cafes and food stores where you pay what you can and training to be a successful online marketer, so they can do the same, by investing in my program or building their own.

The program would greatly model Jesus and the Apostles, they would be empowered to go forth and set up the same program.

I am very appalled at the high number of evictions and people leaving their apartment, to live in their cars or on the street, because the rent was raised beyond their ability to pay.

So I am building my online business to acquire the funds to do this. Thank you for reading my blog and I sincerely hope you will join me in this endeavor. If you do I will give you a FREE Website, totally set up with 5 streams of income. Click Here to learn more and get your FREE totally set up website. The bottom line is I would like to Alleviate Poverty: Yours, Mine, Theirs… Especially theirs…

To God be The Glory,


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