I am a native Texan and a Cradle Catholic. TEAM HOPE Ministeries (THM) is the name I am branding. THM has a different approach to alleviating poverty; Yours, Mine, Theirs

This program featured here sets you up to receive a never-ending flow of ten-dollar bills. To learn more go to https://apam55

With this program, we could have Eviction Free Renting, https://bit.ly/3Geviction, and everyone that joins and recruits at least 5 people should be debt-free. https://bit.ly/3debtfree

THM will use the money made to alleviate poverty; Yours, Mine Theirs… Join and recruit 5 people and win a prize which you can choose… You can view the prizes by clicking https://bit.ly/32Prizes

Thank You so Much For Viewing The THM Alleviating Poverty and More Blog about the THM Mission,

Rick Herring